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 WhiteSmith Guide

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PostSubject: WhiteSmith Guide   Sat May 29, 2010 1:46 pm

Pros & Cons of Whitesmith


* Can Break and repair weapons
* Only class that has the ability to upgrade weapons with an extra 10% success chance (At 70 job)
* Has a cart for extra weight
* High DPS


* Unable to mvp as well as other classes, but still very capable
* Spends extra money on spamming CT and using maximum over thrust
* Levelling is usually very long and tedious if you’re soloing all the way to 99

Rundown of Stats


* Increases your physical damage
* Increases carrying capacity

Very important stat for a WS since it increases your dmg and weight


* Increases ASPD
* Increases flee

Fairly important for CT speed, get a medium amount


* Increases Max HP & regen rate
* Reduces chance of being stunned, and reduces the time of how long you get stunned for
* Pots heal more with higher vit

Need fairly high vit to reduce stun n heal more, fairly important stat for WS


* Increases Max Sp, Mdef & sp regen
* Reduces chance of some status effects (sleep iirc)

Not very important, get 1-10 if any, you can always use sp recovery items.


* Increases Hit rate
* Slightly increases ASPD (Not as much as Agility)
* Increases forging success chance

Important so you are able to hit things but not as much as other classes due to the bonus hit you get from Weapon Research. Very important if you’re forging.


* Increases Crit rate
* Slightly decreases chance of status effects
* Increases forging success chance

Only important if your forging, other then that you won’t need any luck.

This is the build I would recommend to use for WoE, as well as levelling, although you may have to drop some vit for dex depending on what you’re training on. Has a nice 130 str with 185 aspd and decent HP. Although you will constantly need link to keep up Advanced adrenaline rush, in most decent woe guilds, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. While in PvM you will most likely be using a multipurpose CT weapon anyways such as +7-+10 Quad Diligent Orcish axe, so you won’t need link.

If you are unable to obtain items such as valk armor, Horn of Buffalo and Combat Knife there are other alternatives including the following.


* Meteor Plate - Armor is high and gives an extra 30% resistance to stun and freeze

* Glittering Jacket - Not as much armor as meteor but still decent. Also gives +5 Mdef

* Saints robe - Pretty much the same as Glittering but slightly less def.


* Another vesper core 02 - The str bonus is good and you also get 1 def, 3 mdef and 10 atk.

* Ring of muscle - Pretty cheap and the str bonus is best you can get for accessory.

* Hide Accessory - Either rosary or ring. Rosary for extra mdef and ring if you arn’t confident about switching accessories quickly when you think an asuras coming your way. In this case you would increase your base str so you can have it on always. Having the reflexes to switch effectively and dodge asuras benefits you greatly and is somthing you should work on. It is possible to dodge a ruwach asura if you have precise timing. (Props to Khalin for most of that)

* Sight Accessory - Either ring or rosary depending on your situation like before. Simply for sighting hiding/cloaking characters.


* +7-+10 Quad Diligent Orcish Axe, +8-+10 Double Diligent Morning Star, +7-+10 Diligent War Axe, +7-+10 Triple Diligent Mes (Downside of mes is you’ll need to keep up wep perfection and need link for it to be effective)

* Combat knife: A combat knife is a WS best friend. Due to its armor piercing capabilities, overall it is probably the best weapon available and should be every WS’s goal of getting one. The extra 10% resistance to demi-human is just another great bonus to the wep. An icepick is mostly a luxury but can also be an alright investment against high def targets, although it is only situational and most of the time CK is more useful.

* Hurricane’s Fury: Indeed this weapon is incredibly strong, but since its two-handed you will be taking 40% more dmg compared to using CK and thara so its place doesn’t belong in woe imo. No point in being able to deal high dmg when you’ll prolly die to 1 SB. Can still be a decent PvM weapon if your not worried about taking larger amounts of damage since you don’t have a shield or arn’t worried about using pots.

Note: Cart Termination is NOT increased by % dmg increasing cards (example: Drainliar, Orc skel, Hydra, etc) only attack increasing cards like Zipper bear and Andre. CT can be elemental.

Forging Build

Forging is completely based on your job level, luk, dex and type of anvil used. Therefore pump your dex and luk to 99. Using these gears above, you can hit 178 luk and 161 dex. Success chance of forging is written below as well. I know the valk armor is probably going a bit over board, but hey if you really wanna slot a baby leopard card into valk armor, go ahead XD. This build also includes +3 dex food and box of gloom which aren’t to hard to come across. It also includes the +20 stats effect from gospel and +30 luk from Gloria. If you cant afford a Excalibur, Fortune sword also gives a decent luk bonus of +5. (Sorry I don’t have a lot of knowledge about forging smiths)

Base % chance: Skill Value + Job level * 0.2 + dex* 0.1 + luk* 0.1 + 50

* Lvl 1 Weapon - 0%
* Lvl 2 Weapon - 20%
* Lvl 3 Weapon - 30%
* Star Crumb - 15%
* Elemental Stone - 20%

Anvils also improve you’re forging success. Up to Golden anvil can be bought at the Blacksmith guild in bottom right Geffen. Emperium anvil only drops from OBB and OPB. % Chance increase amount is below.

* Normal Anvil +0%
* Oridecon Anvil +3%
* Golden Anvil +5%
* Emperium Anvil +10%

(Not 100% sure if these are correct)

PVP Guide

I’ll now give a quick run down on how to deal with each class in pvp. I must admit though, WS can be jipped pretty easily in pvp without the right equipment.

Sniper Vs Whitesmith – If they’re in DS build, you should be able to win the fight. You can try simply tanking the ds untill you get close enough to CT or if you keep getting arrow repelled, slap on a Strong shield to stop their arrow repel from effecting you and tank the ds till you get close enough to CT. If they manage to ankle snare you, hide and keep hiding straight away after they detect until the snare runs out. If they are a pure FA build the fight is probably a bit harder since breaking their wep wont make much difference and they most likely have more vit. Pretty much same tactics as before.

Clown Vs Whitesmith – If they’re not linked and you have a marc card, it shouldn’t be a very hard battle. While they’re using AV, walk up to them and CT them. If your unable to get close to them, hide and wait for them to come close to use IC or sight. Now they should be close enough for you to CT. If you they link it will make your job much harder since they can bragi themselves to spam AV/Tarot faster (coma card hurts :<). Also, they are able to use slow grace to completely screw over your aspd. (iirc last time I played ws which was in v2 slow grace didn’t cancel cart boost but I think its supposed to)

Gypsy Vs Whitesmith – Same tactics as vsing Clown except gypsys can stun you with scream. Don’t worry to much since your high vit will give you high resistance to it.

Lord Knight Vs Whitesmith – Can be a tough battle since both classes can deal good dmg but a LK has much more HP and will be fairly resistant to stun. If they are a BB build, just straight out CT. If they switch to a spear and use the spear stab spear boom combo, try using a Strong shield to stop the knockback. Watchout though because you’ll be taking an extra 20% damage from their BB which can really hurt. If they’re spiral build, try hide dodging it then CT. Watch out for the spear stab combo once again. Good luck

Paladin Vs Whitesmith – Probably something you want to avoid. If they’re using matyrs reckoning, in most cases you won’t be able to out damage them (unless they have really poor equips). If they’re SC build your chances of winning are probably high, but still, these guys are tanks.

Professor Vs Whitesmith – STAY AWAY!! These guys are your worst nightmare. Dispel gets rid of all the many buffs WS has to offer which leaves you pretty much useless until you rebuff. Soul burn is a real pain if you don’t wanna use pots. There isn’t much you can do to profs since they can just sit in their safety wall and tank your CT. Anyways, if they’re bolter prof, use hide to dodge it and switch ele armors depending on what bolts they are using. Once you switch to ele armor watchout for stone curse and frost diver.

High Wizard Vs Whitesmith – Can be an annoying fight. Quagmire lowers your aspd a fair bit (can’t remember if it cancels cart boost >.<) and they will probably try to keep you away with sight blaster. You can try using strong shield so you can stay close to them but be cautious about the extra damage you’ll be dealt. If they decide to stay in a safety wall, keep CTing them because the stun effect still goes through. Hopefully they shouldn’t have a great deal of vit so you should b able to keep the stun up before they can recast another SW and kill them. Chances are their cast will be quite fast but still try to hide dodge if you got good reflexes.

High Priest Vs Whitesmith – Another fight you want to avoid. There isn’t much you can do if they keep using decrease agi n stay in a SW. They shouldn’t be a big threat to you anyways so you prolly won’t need to kill them very often.

Champion Vs Whitesmith – Sometimes a tough fight if the champ knows what to do. If there TSS cast isn’t very fast, simply walk up to them while they’re casting and CT them to death. If it is fast, they will most likely dec agi then TSS then snap away before you can get close and repeat. If so, hide n hopefully they will get close to ruwach you out. Pop out of hide n CT away. If they try to go for the straight out asura, either try to hide dodge or get a quick CT in during the cast n hope for stun. If your fully equipped with CK, F beret, thara, raydric and assumptio, every now and again you might be able to tank it with a very small amount of hp left.

Assassin Cross Vs Whitesmith – If the sinx is using SBK build your chances are slim since you rely on getting close to deal damage. While the sinx can simply keep his distance and escape with cloak. If your lucky you can get to him before SBK delay is over and CT him once or twice n hope for stun to kick in. If they are SB build your chances are higher. Use sight n tank the first SB and start spamming CT before he can recloak. If you’re quick, you can get a CT in before he manages to switch to Thara/CK. If he stuns keep killing him. If he manages to recloak, use sight and run around trying to uncloak him or just wait for him to come back and SB you again. You should b able to tank 3+ SB’s anyway so it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Stalker Vs Whitesmith – Not incredibly hard to beat if you don’t get stripped. If they’re DS build, they shouldn’t be able to deal much damage while you’re geared. Just try to get close enugh for CT. But if you get near them they’ll most likely chase walk away. This is where a magnum break accessory can come in handy to knock them out. If they go in straight for the strip, CT the hell outa them. Since they are DS build they will probably have low vit so they’ll stun easily. Wear ED if they’re trying to strip you by using stone curse with seeker card or freeze with marina card bow. But if they manage do to strip you, well there’s not much you can do but go down fighting. Also carry some RJ for curing other status ailments. If they’re BB build, use pretty much the same tactics. But take care though, BB is deadlier then DS.

Creator Vs Whitesmith – Another fight you want to avoid. Because of your high vit you’ll take pretty insane damage from AD, plus the additional damage being dealt from his homun at the same time. Not much you can do against a creo. Even if you manage to stun lock him, his homun will still be dealing pretty decent damage if it has nice stats. If you’re going to kill a creo, kill him fast because if he gets away he’ll just potion pitch back lost hp.

Whitesmith Vs Whitesmith – Basically whoever has the better equips, higher str and higher vit will win. Simply spam CT and hope for the best, not much else you can really do. Good luck

Super Novice Vs Whitesmith – Kinda like a vsing a HW, except they usually have close to instant or instant cast. Surprisingly, SN can be a pain to kill because of their large array of skills. Most likely they will dec agi you, run a bit then bolt you and repeat. Hard to get close to but once you do, they go down pretty fast.

Gunslinger Vs Whitesmith – Afaik, gunslingers don’t have any skills to repel you so just tank their hits till you get close n CT away. Beware of Desperado, it’s a pretty insane killing machine.

Star gladiator Vs Whitesmith – Not a very common class in pvp and I don’t have much knowledge of vsing them either, but ill still add them. If they’re using heat to suck your sp you’ll need some sp recovery items. Pretty much just CT them to death. Don’t forget to bring another weapon other then CK since your link will be gone after he FSK’s you.

Ninja Vs Whitesmith – Just get close and the fight should be over since afaik CT ignores their evasion skill (cant remember its name xD) Sight if they hide. You shouldnt need to worry about their issen i think its called, the asura like skill anyways since you should be able to tank it.

Battle Mode

The use of battle mode is essential for a whitesmith. With the amount of buffs and equipment you’re going to be using you need to be able to use it effectively for maximum efficiency. I’m not going to tell you exactly where to put every item in your BM because really it’s up to you on what your use to. The only things I would suggest are having things like all offensive skills on a certain row, equips on another and buffs on the other.

WoE Guide

WoE is one the things I enjoy most on RO and is what keeps me going but I must admit I haven’t had a great deal of woe experience on WS. Here’s a quick summary of what I know anyways.

Things you should be carrying on you include Mastela or whites, RJ or blue pots since keeping up WS buffs and CT consumes your sp quite fast, a few green pots if you aren’t carrying RJ. Speed pots, a few str foods in particular and other foods such as dex and vit if you have them available. Also use either Wind or Earth ele converters to by pass raydric and to own frozen players if your using wind. Don’t use water or fire because valk shield gives resistance to them. Don’t forget to carry Iron ore, Iron, Steel and Rough oridecon for repairing your own and guildies armor/weapons. A few authoritative badges may come in handy as well.

Thought out most of woe, wear your combat knife as your primary weapon. It deals the nice damage as well as extra resistance. When rushing a precast you can try normal attacking the clown/gypsy in a duet (usually lokis) at the entrance with meltdown on to break their wep and stop the song. Chances are they’ll have a golem carded wep but hey, there’s still a chance they don’t. Speed pot through to the wiz line then use cart revo with a status wep to help break down the precast. After that, switch back to CK and help pick off stragglers.
When defending just do your bit and contribute to killing off attacking guilds. Repair any of your guildies weapons or armor if necessary.

This is more aimed at FE woe. Because of my time zone I haven’t had the chance to test SE yet so don’t have any experience in that area yet, sorry.

How to make Money

Heres just a quick section on some ways of making money on a WS.

Farm at geffenia: Need an icepick for this to be most effective. Kill succubus, incubus and AK’s and overcharge the loot.

Gonryon dun: Farm RJs by killing peach trees. Not as fast as geffenia but still gets a decent amount of money per hour.

Abbey Sanctuary: Killing banshees and ragged zombies for wool scarves and tidal shoes. Its up to you whether you sell them at +0 or overupped.

Hunt Valk shields: Need a HP friend to do this. Use SW to tank it and spam CT till its dead. Use cursed water for shadow ele attack. Doesn’t require anything weapon in particular. Hurricanes fury gives the highest damage afaik. Having no shield won’t make a difference since you’ll be in SW the whole time.

Forging Elemental Weapons: Lots people pay money to have elemental weapons. Hunt or buy ingredients and forge away!

Over upgrading weapons: Using the WS skill refine weapon you can overup weapons much easier, especially at 70 job (giving you 10% better chance) Upgrade anything you can get some money for ranging from comps to infils.

Equipment (Switch if needed)

Headgear - Feather Beret/Angeling Hat/Red Tailed Ribon/Beret/Poo Poo Hat

Midgear - anything you like but if possible sunglasses [1]/robo eye

Lower - anything you like but if possible flu mask [1] or g.pipe/gangster scarf/fathers moustache

Armor - Elemental Armor/Odins Blessing (Tao Gunka , Ghostring , Marc , Evil Druid)

Shield - Thorn Shield / Valkyrie Shield (Thara Frog Card, Maya)

Shoes - Shackles / Tidal Shoes (Antique Firelock if +9-10 if not use Matyr Card)

Garment - Wool Scarf (Deviling , Raydric , Dustiness , Marse , Hode , Jakk)

Accesorries - Bloodied Shackle , Horn Of Buffalo (Horong) , Vesper Core 02

Weopon - Orisch Axe ( 2 Doppelganger , 1 Incantation Samurai , 1 Phreeoni)
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WhiteSmith Guide
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